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Resident Opportunities Self-Sufficiency (ROSS)

What is The ROSS Program?

Resident Opportunities Self-Sufficiency.

The ROSS program links residents of public housing to supportive services and activities, enabling them to make progress towards economic independence and housing self-sufficiency.

The goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, increase earned income, and to help residents age in place

How the program works

The program is led specifically by the needs of the individual. The ROSS Coordinator presents activities to the community for residents to gain information, community service, and goodies.

Residents are welcomed to seek assistance for self-sufficiency services for specific education courses, any applications, or exams. 

The ROSS Coordinator connect residents to agencies for employment security, childcare, education, aging services, substance abuse, domestic violence, and mental and nutritional health services.

How to become a participant

Being a R.O.S.S Service Participant is simple and easy! Drop by the rental office and ask to see Ms. Goodwin or contact her office at (910) 997-3316, extension 3 or click here to email.

Know what you would like to do when you come. It will make finding the resources, classes, or agency gear toward your personal goal much easier.

Complete a short application and become a participant!

Call today to get started on the road to self-sufficiency.

ROSS Participant Application -- click here