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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)

The purpose of the Family Self-Sufficiency program is to reduce dependency of low income families on public assistance through a coordinated effort of public and private resources by achieving gainful employment. " (Nan McKay and Associates FSS Master Book)

Program Benefits

By using housing as a stabilizing force, families are permitted to invest their energy in other efforts; including employment, education, and job training necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.

Program Required Goals

  • Head of Household obtain employment and/or a higher paying job.
  • FSS family remains welfare free for 12 consecutive months.

Additional Goal

  • Assist families with setting and obtaining their goals in obtaining economic independence.

Program Incentives

  • Escrow accounts are established for Head of Household participant and are available to participants upon successfully completing the Contract of Participation requirements.
  • FSS family may receive assistance in reaching goals that are set; i.e. child care, bus fare, etc.
  • Program participants would be exempt from community service requirements.


  • PH residents and HCV participants that are employable. However, this does not exclude individuals that are defined disabled by SSA.
  • All family members of the group above that are at least 18 years old.  However only the head of household is required to participate.

Contact: Chereka Belton at (910) 997-3316, extension 7 if you are interested in the program.