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A Message from Your Executive Director

Welcome to the Rockingham Housing Authority new website; we are excited you have stopped by! The Rockingham Housing Authority is a small agency doing big things so let us be your blueprint to success!

Blueprints are not only design plans or technical drawings; they are much more and we use them in several aspects of our lives. A blue print is simply a plan; a plan of action to reach a goal and meeting these set goals lead to success. The word plan is essential. A faulty plan can lead to disaster; rather it be emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or social devastation. The Board of Commissioners and the staff of the Rockingham Housing Authority understands the importance of planning and adapting to changing plans. Our blueprint for success is not edged in stone. In a changing society and unpredictable times, we change our plans and goals to meet the needs of our clients and the community in which we serve.

We have provided affordable housing in the City of Rockingham since 1961. Affordable housing provides our clients the stability and foundation needed for becoming self-sufficient and if they take advantage of the programs we offer, this could mean becoming free of federal assisted housing and services. Through our Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) program, participants have obtained certifications in fork lifts, medical billing and coding, and nurses assistants just to name a few. RHA has and is currently providing money management classes that teaches budgeting, saving, and investing. We provide onsite/virtual work force preparedness courses and on sight GED classes.  We work with several agencies to assist our clients with education, employment, health care, etc.

The Rockingham Housing Authority also has a voluntary Family Self Sufficiency program where we have assisted several graduates in meeting all type goals including obtaining homeownership.

In summary, blueprints provide the layout for a source for change.  The Rockingham Housing Authority continues to work on providing that needed foundation for transitional, affordable, stable, and suitable housing so that it can remain to be a stabilizing factor in our client's lives to utilize housing as the stepping stone it was developed for.

Chereka Belton
Executive Director