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Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency Grant Award

We were ecstatic when HUD announced that the Department had awarded the Rockingham Housing Authority it's 2021 Resident Opportunity and Self Sufficiency (ROSS) three-year grant scheduled to begin June 2022.

The ROSS Grant is not new to the Rockingham Housing Authority; we have had successful outcomes with this grant over the past 6 years. Our ROSS Service Coordinator has connected clients with services provided in the City of Rockingham, Richmond County, and the surrounding area; removing barriers and assisting clients in becoming self-sufficient. Past program participants accomplishments include:

  • obtainment of certifications;
  • assistance with health care services;
  • receipt of GED;
  • opening bank accounts;
  • successful job search;
  • daycare assistance for clients to obtain employment;
  • provided transportation for work and health needs; and more.

We provide ROSS participants with:

  • Tablets that have internet access so they can search for employment, complete online health care visits, and take online classes.
  • One on one planning meetings which include necessary assessments to assist clients in goal setting and accountability.
  • Removing barriers; allowing clients to go from point A to B with ease.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. We are here and ready to serve you! For more information, please contact Ms. Goodwin at (910) 997-3316, ext. 3 or complete an online ROSS application at